Troxler's fading

Troxler's fading or Troxler's effect is a phenomenon of visual perception. When someone fixates on a particular point for a few seconds, the image starts to fade away and disappears. The effect is enhanced if the stimulus is small, is of low contrast or equiluminant, or is blurred.
How it works?
It works by taking advantage of the lazy neurons in our vision system. Within about thirty seconds of staring at Troxlerâ??s Fading, the neurons controlling our peripheral vision get bored and concentrate their energy on the center of the image. Our brains begin to tunnel our visual field and eventually remove details from the periphery around the spot in which we are concentrating. This hallucination is enhanced if the image is small and blurred. Here are a few examples of this effect.
Lilac Chaser
Focus on the black cross in the center. In the beginning, you'll notice that a greenish dot appears where a pink dot disappears. Stare at it a little longer till the pink dots disappear altogether.
Troxler fading
Stare at the dot in center of image and hold eyes perfectly still for a count of 20. The border around the dot will being to fade. Blinking or moving the eyes will bring the fading areas back.
Vanishing Fluff
If you stare in the black spot for a minute, you will notice all of the color fulffs disappear. 
If you stare at the center of this image for 10 seconds it vanishes

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